Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Therese Laux
From iPods to MIDI: Transform Learning through Music Technology

North High Magnet School in Omaha, Nebraska, Vikings

READ: Technology STrategies for Music Education, Thomas E. Ralph, Floyd Richmond, David Mash, David Williams

Focus on 21st century learning
Where do you see:

  • engaged students
  • scial nd emotional connections
  • sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Have you noticed?
    • students working collaboratively and creatively
    • self-direction
    • adaptability and accountbility
  • What is it about music?
    • engaged students- they like being in school and have positive experiences
    • emotional and social connections
    • collaborative and creative
  • When business leaders ask what is needed today, they often say:
    • people who think with creative sides of their brain
    • people that have played in a band bc it enhances symbiotic capabilities
  • http://ti-me.org
    • the technology insitute for music educators
    • non-profit organization devoted to helping music teachers learn how to integrate the tools of technology into the music curriculum
  • 7 Areas
    • electronic musical instruments
      • MalletKAT
      • MIDI wind controller
      • keytar, Justin Timberlake, Herbie Hancock's recent CD
      • electric violin from Yamaha
      • Roland V Session electronic drumset
    • MIDI sequencing
    • music notation software
      • Finale or Sevalius
      • kids have to "own" music, it's a tremendous creative outlet
      • teach kids to play happy birthday, let them figure it out
      • in their music media tech, they have a piano recital every year for EVERYONE- this is true differentiated instruction
    • computer-assisted instruction
    • multimieda and digitized media
    • internet and telecommunications
    • information processing, computer systems, & lab management
  • What are they so engaged in???
    • Garageband!!! kept kids in school and out of trouble
    • beginners and pros are able to do it
    • tracks, loops, instruments, oh my!
    • they find a way to communicate their ideas!!! They can express themselves
    • podcasts: fellows night out, fellas night out
  • What can we learn from the world of business? Do they have answers?
    • at first this sounds insulting, but they might have some answers!
    • Winning the Answers, by Jack & Suzy Welch
    • Daniel Pink book
  • seeing difference_ pay attenetion to differences that matter
  • understanding difference: gain knowledge about those differences matter
  • value difference: experiment with changes in how you operate as a result
    • martin davidson, Darden School of Business
  • What's the next big thing?
    • www.sltib.com, Earth Harp, Bill Close
    • Japanese Tenori-ON, blending the beauty of shape and sound, 16x16 led panel
    • REactable, collaborative electronic
  • therese.laux@ops.org
  • web.mac.com/omahanorth
  • andy crozier ipod ade
  • apple learning interchange
  • music and the mac, join this group at the apple learning interchange, form a ning group


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