Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So I was standing in line in the graduate college today, and in walked a girl who was dressed like a stripper.

I'm not one to judge. But everyone else in the office was shocked. She was literally wearing stripper clothes-- just like the young lady pictured above, only the outfit was denim, not pleather. You could see things that no one was meant to see. The males in the office were especially oogling her.

When she walked out the door, all of the men present made suggestive comments basically to the tune of "I want a piece of that."

I don't know what's sadder... first, that the young lady chooses to dress like a street walker, or second, that the men (who were strangers ranging in age from mid-20's to grey-haired 50+ years) joined in a degrading and offensive conversation about what they would like to "do" to her.

I'm not passing judgment, but why would someone choose to dress like that? This young lady must be intelligent- she was picking up a course overload form from the graduate college, which indicates that she is pursuing a postgraduate degree of some sort. I can think of a few reasons. Maybe she feels that dressing like an exotic dancer is the only way men will give her attention (and they did, btw). Maybe she doesn't respect herself enough to not dress like a whore in public. Perhaps she really is an exotic dancer and she's just on her way to work- it's just a uniform. After all, I've run many an errand at UNLV while wearing an RC Willey shirt...Or maybe she's just a gal who likes to stir things up a bit.

In any case, the male reaction was disappointing, offensive, and disgusting. It's enough to make me want to invest in a wardrobe of cargo pants and flannel shirts and apply for a job at Home Depot.

Friday, April 14, 2006

This is the final semester of coursework for my M.Ed. degree. This means that I have about fifty billion huge projects that are due, deadlines are approaching, and I have to get my car detailed because someone threw up in it last week. SICK.

At this point in the semester, I'm pretty much a mess, living on diet coke & credit cards, and going crazy. I literally spend all day either in class, studying, or working. Social time pretty much is at zero.

I am becoming a sad, pathetic exuse for a human being. So this blog entry celebrates my crush on fictional character, Jim Halpert.

Sad, I know.

((by the way, I feel like I should clarify that I did not make the above video. Some kid on myspace posted it.))