Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I bet y'all are wondering about those last couple of posts. 

Well, I've been out and about for the last few weeks... I went to Washington D.C. with a group of teachers from the Clark County School District, thanks to the Teaching American History Grant. After six fun-filled days in D.C., I flew to San Antonio to co-present a session at the 2008 NECC Conference with Dr. Keeler. Click here for our fun and exciting presentation, and download the presentation, complete with my extra fun slide design! It'll feel just like you were there in person! Really!

Anyway, when I'm at a conference, I like to take notes on my laptop, but I found that if I post the notes from the sessions on my blog, I'm more likely to review them. So yah, sorry about that.

Fun-filled photos from D.C. and San Antonio will follow soon. It was my first time to visit both places and I had a great time. The trips included the following:
  • 4 hotels in two weeks
  • 6 airplane rides in two weeks
  • 3 DC Metro tickets
  • 2 fun outings with Natalie!
  • 1 visit with Steve and his family!
  • 12 hours in Colonial Williamsburg
  • 4 hours at the Holocaust Museum
  • 1 pair of crocs, with soles worn COMPLETELY through
  • 2 Texas-shaped waffles
  • 11-13 trips on San Antonio public transportation

But don't worry. Apparently, Steve was very busy while I was away...


Emily B said...

No wonder those last posts didn't make a lick of sense to me. Tha video is awesome.

Wendy said...

At least I don't feel quite so stupid now. I thought there was some sort of secret teacher-speak going on that was mystifying to the rest of the world.

Nice video. Maybe he SHOULD run for president.

Amanda XOX said...

That is so cool!!! I think hubby might use that to get his candidate of choice more well known.