Monday, January 19, 2009

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Friday, January 09, 2009

2008 Review

Kristine tagged me on a post about "Top 10 Goals for 2009." I didn't feel right about doing that tag without first reviewing the great things that happened in 2008. Sure, the economy may be falling apart, I'm financially supporting my unemployed mother who refuses healthcare, and I still make less money than a garbage man... however, I refuse to believe that 2008 was completely devoid of positive memories. Please humor my self-indulgent recap of 2008.

  • Thanks to the support of Christy Keeler, Ph.D., I presented for the first time at two national academic conferences: NECC (National Educational Computing Convention), and NCSS (National Council for Social Studies).
  • My students won first place in the Southern Nevada Computer-Using Educators Multimedia Contest with their short film about gravity.
  • I spent a week in Washington D.C. and Colonial Williamsburg as part of the Teaching American History Grant.
  • Also this summer, I attended the week long training for "We The People" at Sierra Nevada College at Lake Tahoe. We learned about ways to teach elementary students about the Constitution.
  • I spent a lot of time in Utah this year.
  • Steve and I visited with Amie and Diego and their family in Florida.
  • I paid off one of my credit cards!!! One down... more to go....
  • I finally bought a Wii. Gotta love Dr. Mario.
  • I actually put up a Christmas tree, lights, and holiday decorations at my house for the first time in several years.
See? 2008 wasn't a complete downer after all.