Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girls Rock Vegas

Please share the goodness of Girls Rock Vegas! Right-click and "save as" on this image, and please share it with the world! You can post it on myspace, facebook, your own blog, or you can even print it and hand it out to your peeps. Let's spread the word about Girls Rock Vegas!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Planet Percussion!

This is a video by Howard Agster, uploaded by my brother Dale. This was shot at Planet Percussion, the store he and my father owned until my father passed away. They manufactured percussion mallets and accessories. Also, as evidenced in this video, all the cool kids hung out here to play tunes. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Girls Rock Vegas stuff... just what you all wanted

We're going to put these images on 1" buttons. We've heard that all the cool kids are wearing them these days to advertise things they like. Of course, we'll just get by with these logos for now. My dear friend Sarah will likely be doing some design work for us in the new future. You can visit her site at www.sarahmarie.com

What do you think of our modified logos? Which one is your favorite?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Maybe it's time for a move...

The guy who owns the house next door is renting it out to a giant family. That's fine. He is also renting out the detached garage of that house to another large family. There is no plumbing in that garage, by the way. He is also renting out the toolshed in the backyard to another large family. That's right. A toolshed, like, the kind you buy for $300 at Costco. There are nearly twenty people living next door, approximately fifteen of which are living in structures that are not zoned for human inhabitance(Instead of ski equipment and dusty boxes, imagine a family of five living in here. This is what's going on next door.)

This guy, who I've gathered from the Clark County Real Property Records is named Mr. F****, was blocking my driveway this morning. I asked him to move his truck. He refused. He said he watches my house every day and no one ever uses our driveway. Really? Really?!? He went on to say that he knows every way in and out of my house because he already checked it out. He also said that he would get into my house when I least expect it to teach me a lesson I won't walk away from. Nice!

With a bit of sleuthing, I've discovered that Mr. F owns a construction business (the name and info of said construction business is plastered all over the giant truck blocking my driveway). It turns out that most of the able-bodied men living next door work for Mr. F's construction business as day laborers. I've seen him pick them up in his truck (they ride in the back, of course) early in the morning when I'm leaving for work. I've also seen Mr. F pick up other people standing on the corner of the Star Nursery, presumably for day labor jobs.

So Mr. F is, like, one step above being a human trafficker. According to the Clark County Real Property Records, Mr. F lives in a $900,000 house off Decatur and the 215, while his workers live in a toolshed. How is this legal?

Greedy, ill-mannered bastard. And a bad neighbor, to boot.