Tuesday, July 15, 2008

K, so in case I haven't made it already clear, I have been out of town for nearly a month. I arrived home to find that there were zero groceries in the fridge (surprise!). And since I'm really hurting for money, I thought I could scrape together a few meals until my next paycheck on the 25th. Last night, I made a delectable meal of spaghetti noodles, a pat of butter, and pepper. Exciting, I know.

So tonight, I was feeling pretty good about my culinary skills. Plus, I was hungry and had ZERO dollars. I thought I'd branch out and make migas, using a recipe from the Rachel Ray website. Heck, I saw Rachel Ray herself make these on t.v. a few days ago. Plus, Steve and I made them a few months ago for dinner, so I didn't feel like I was exactly flying solo on this one.

However, remember that I had an empty fridge and zero cash. So I had to substitute a few ingredients.  And the ingredients that I HAD were ALL borderline moldy. To be fair, none of the expiration dates had been expired for longer than two weeks. But still...  

Tonight I learned an important lesson. If you cook with disgusting, near-moldy ingredients, your dinner will be a soggy foul-tasting mess. 

I can't even bring myself to throw it out because today was trash day, and I don't want this mess hanging around until Friday (the next trash day). I'm contemplating putting it all in a plastic bag and driving to the nearest public garbage can, preferably a garbage can in front of a 711 where I can splurge $2 on a slurpee to help get the taste of rancid bacon, eggs, and onion out of my mouth. After tonight, I think I could start a whole new fad diet based on taste aversion.


leah said...

ramps, hi its Leah (sister miller). Where do you live? Please come over and let me gift you some groceries - from one sister to another. I would be happy.
e-mail me. leahgrow@gmail.com

Amanda XOX said...

So did ya hit up the Wienerschnitzel for free food? We went to 2 different locations so we could get dogs at one and ice cream at the other.
Hey, you could do Costco food samples tomorrow =o)

Three Crazy Collins said...

Yuck! I'm so sorry! I hope you had a great time in DC, though! Yes, that blog is me. I've been lazy. I'm gearing myself up...be patient! haha. Talk to you soon!

Wendy said...

Oh man, I have SO been there. I'm sorry your dinner sucked. Did you end up getting the slurpee? And some food? I have a few boxes of cereal and some cans of black beans if you're still broke and hungry. Sorry, that's the best I can do right now. But if you want a couple, they're all yours!