Monday, June 30, 2008

Reasons why our students will benefit from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "On the Road" programs:

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has video conferencing about history and significance of rock & roll music
  • "On the Road," Distance Learning Program, "on the road: Opening Act"
  • just finished 3rd full year, connected to 28 states and 4 countries, over 10,000 students!
  • Overview of course offerings:
    • offer classes for grades 3-12
    • interactive & interdisciplinary
    • explore popular music and its social meanigns while meeting academic content standards
    • analyze historical performances, images, and documents
    • view behind-the-scenes clips (curatorial, oral, historical)
    • engage in question and answer segments
  • Course Offerings:
    • Rock & Roll Reactions: records, radio and the birth of teen culture in 1950's
      • how Rock & Roll helped break down racial barriers
    • Ball of Confusion: music and social change in the 1960's and 1970's
      • most popular class, fits in well with variety of classroom settings
      • Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, counter culture, Women's Rights
      • how musicians reflected these concerns in their music
      • compare and contrast performances
        • Dylan vs. Hendrix versions of "All Along the Watchtower"
    • Hip Hop Technology: from turntables to computers
      • trace the origins of hip hop, 1973 in the Bronx, NY
      • at the end of class students can act as producers creating a hip-hop act live in studio
    • Ambassador to the Orchestra: the arranger in rock & roll
      • focused more on music, how rock & roll and classicl
    • Inductee Spotlight: Frank Zappa
    • Planet Rock: Global Perspectives on Popular Music
    • Inductee Spotlight: The Dors
    • Ball of Confusion II
    • gasgag
      • influences
    • Great Moments in Rock and Roll: popular music through the decades
      • how rock & roll connects with society
      • show classic moments
        • Chuck Barry live performance of "You Can't Catch Me,"
        • ask students "why is this a great moment in rock & roll history?"
        • ask, "how is this breaking down racial barriers?"
          • during live performances, a rope would separate black and white audience members, but during the performances, the rope would fall and teenagers would just enjoy themselves

John Goehrke
(216) 515-1202
rock and roll hall of fame distance education

  • $100
  • online access to pre and post connection packets with lesson outlines, supporting materials, and classroom activities
  • pre-connection call
  • the class!
  • offered 9-5 eastern time
  • at least 3 weeks notice, usually sold out by March
  • 30 students per class
  • talk to tech coordinator for video conferencing equipment
  • polycom, tanbergh


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