Monday, April 18, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress Blues

Would anyone be really upset if the concept of bridesmaid dresses was just eliminated from the Earth? As a bridesmaid, I was very lucky that my friends selected comfortable, modest, stylish dresses that could be worn again. However, as I've been perusing the bridesmaid dresses currently on the market, it leads me to believe that people must really hate their friends. Why else would we make make our closest girlfriends wear these ridiculous, expensive, revealing frocks? I literally cannot find reasonably priced bridesmaid dresses that are not sleeveless, which presents a problem, considering that the majority of my bridesmaids are LDS and need to be covered up.

When did we decide that all bridesmaid dresses need to be strapless? Visit the websites for David's Bridal or Alfred Angelo. I dare you to show me even one sleeved dress. Go ahead, I dare you!

The easy answer, the answer I'm dreading, is that I need to suck it up and go to one of those LDS specialty stores. However, they are ridiculously overpriced and, based on four separate experiences at four different stores, I've found them to be generally obnoxious and very unlikable. But that's a blog for another time...

Another option (that I'm afraid I might have to reject) is having my friends just wear a dress they already have. My issue with this is that I want my bridesmaids to stand out from the crowd and look special; I don't want my very special friends to look like just another wedding guest. They have been so special and so important in my life, and I want them to look that way on my big day.

The most ludicrous option, of course, would be for me to attempt to make the dresses on my own. Unfortunately, this would involve sewing, and as we've already established, I am unable to sew in a straight line.

Yikes. Its a good thing I'm only getting married once because I really suck at this.

The Happiest Place on Earth

Steve's family invited me to join them on their family reunion trip to Disney World, and of course there's no way I could turn down a trip to sunny Florida. It was so good to spend time with everyone in such a fun place. We visited the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and my favorite, Epcot Center.

No matter how I try, I can't find a good photo of the entire family, so here's what I've got:

We also ran into Alicia and Cash!

Can I mention again that I love Epcot Center?
This was a much needed break. Let's be honest, Disney theme parks aren't Steve's favorite thing in the world, but he was (mostly) a very good sport. At one point, he even promised to bring me back in ten years, so we'll see how that turns out...

First Thanksgiving at My House

Okay, so I realize that Thanksgiving was almost six months ago. But life happens. Anyway, my family celebrated Thanksgiving at MY house for the very first time. This was exciting and frenzied, especially considering that my refrigerator was delivered just a couple of days before the relatives showed up. Also, I had just moved in a week or so before the big day, so I wasn't really unpacked. Oh, and did I mention that I spent the day before Thanksgiving in a very-un-Heather-like WalMart shopping spree picking up kitchen necessities that I've been lacking (ie: a spatula, casserole dish, and tin foil).

It was super fun to have my mom, grandparents, and Aunt Jane/Uncle Bill/Finn over to cook and celebrate. We made ice cream, played board games, and overate.  And yes, that is a card table covered with a cheap table cloth. So what if I only had seating for four? That wasn't ghetto at all, right?

Anyway, hopefully next year at Thanksgiving time, my home will feel more like a home rather than an unpacked dorm room.

Also, perhaps I should be in the market for a larger dining room table...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So we meet again...

Hello blogger, long time, no see... I haven't written anything in, like, five months. Some of my other blog buddies have taken hiatuses because they were moving across the country with small children, or because they were birthing children. But not me, nope. I did move, but only across town. I'm really happy with my new home, which I won't post photos of because there are weirdos out there. Trust me, I'm in a much better place.

And for those of you who have been wondering, I'm in the midst of planning a wedding... which is awesome because I don't have any idea what I'm doing and also because I have a budget of about $16.00. If anyone has any ideas about how to throw a low budget wedding that doesn't look/feel like a white trash hoe-down, please let me know.

Other than that, I'm good. Just trying to get caught up.