Sunday, November 04, 2007


Teachers do not enjoy giving homework!!! Case in point... I just spent the last two hours of my weekend putting together homework assignments for the upcoming week. That doesn't even count the amount of time I will spend tomorrow morning photocopying and compiling homework packets. Plus, the more homework I assign, the more I will have to eventually grade.

One of my colleagues made a valid point about homework. He said that it is a "worthless grade," because we never know who is really doing the homework. Trust me, I have an idea. When a kid who can't even write his own name turns in a three paragraph essay, I have a pretty good idea of who is doing the homework... and it ain't the kid.

So my point? I'm pretty much OVER assigning homework. Although I feel that students need the opportunity to reinforce the skills we are working on in class, I feel like there must be some more meaningful way to do so. Any ideas are welcome.



Wendy said...

I'm in the "kids today get too much homework" camp. SAT prep need not start in kindergarten, but a few months away from the SAT... or the night before, or never, if you're like many of my friends.

I mean, obvioulsy homework is the usual way to reinforce, but there ought to be less of it. In fourth grade, we had to do a book report every week with these elaborate projects accompanying it. At first it was just dioramas (?) and such, but soon it was a bust of the main character carved out of a bar of soap. I'm not kidding. Who did the teacher think would be doing that? After that one, my mom went in and laid into said teacher. She had eight other kids- she didn't have time to carve a bust out of soap for my weekly book report. Sorry, tangent.

Umm, I don't know how else to reinforce class learning, but there's got to be a better way. Go ask the internet.