Saturday, November 10, 2007

As an elementary school teacher, I can attest to the sheer delight of apron-wearing. (Yes, Briana, apron-wearing.) This prevents me from having tons o' junk (keys, memos, slobbery toys confiscated from kids, etc..) in my pocket, and then coming home only to discover that I still have the junk in my pocket. See, I typically don't like to bring the germ infested souvenirs of my day job into my living space.

Also, I occasionally misplace my keys. And teachers have a lot of keys- keys to the school, gate keys, classroom keys, copy room keys, filing cabinet keys, bathroom keys... There is nothing more humbling than desperately asking 20 seven-year-olds if they have any idea where your keys are. Now that I've taken up apron-wearing, I just leave my keys in the apron pocket.

And of course the most obvious benefit of apron-wearing is that I don't end up with paint/marker/snot on my clothing during the course of the school day.

This awesome apron-making blogger and etsy user is having a giveaway on her one-year-blogiversary. Check it out, folks!


Michelle said...

Such a pretty apron. I use one when I am making soap. But mine is a heavy duty one. But I like that one :-)