Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ahem. Let's be Netflix friends. It's really cool, I promise. Click on my cool hyperlink and it will take you a place where you can add me to your friend's list. I promise it's not about a free Macy's giftcard. haha.

This is a way for friends to recommend movies and it even lets you take a quiz about what movies your friends like. It's super cool. By the way, since joining Netflix, I have saved literally zillions of dollars on movie purchases.

B.N. (Before Netflix), I would buy nearly every single movie I wanted to see, which added up to about flobbity jillion dollars annually. And that's a modest estimate, because we all know those boxed sets of our favorite shows can sure get pricey. =)


Briana Elaine said...

As soon as I have some money, I might try this online rental stuffs again...wait! My sis has money and she has it! And I am a personal witness to your addiction to Best Buy and your TV-show-season-acquisitions! Love you