Monday, October 08, 2007

I was just getting used to glorious indulgences of the weekend: staying up past 11pm, taking my dog to the park in the middle of the day, wearing jeans... And as I sit here blogging at midnight while watching TVland, I sadly realize that the weekend is over. Seven and a half hours from now, I'll be pulling into the parking lot at work, wearing sensible shoes and a blazer. Sigh.

I wonder if people in "9-5" professions (other than teaching) experience this same end-of-weekend nostalgia... or if it's just a school-related anxiety.

In any case, I'm really satisfied with my work this year. I have a big class with students that have all sorts of strengths and challenges. I go home at the end of the day proud of my students. I don't dread Mondays anymore. I feel jittery excitement when I get to go back to work. There are numerous possible reasons for this: I teach at my elementary school alma matter, I'm in a real classroom as opposed to a trailer on the outskirts of the actual school, I'm not bound by NCLB... this list could go on and on.

The point is, I'm really happy with the direction my career is heading. So there.


Ra-call-dee... said...

Heather, I was looking back at some of my old blogs and saw your name! First of all, I CANNOT believe what you must have gone through. I am so so sorry! I hope things are getting better. If you ever need anything you let me know. I am excited to see your blog. You have a great talent for writing so I stay entertained! Please feel free to check out my blog anytime. PS I love the way you did your blog. Is it a template? Or did you just do it? Let me know how you are doing!

Ra-call-dee... said...

By the way, this is Sister Whiting from Nauvoo!