Sunday, October 21, 2007

So I'm back on the Netflix bandwagon! I finally sent back The DaVinci Code, which I've had since last November, with full intent of watching it, really. I finally saw it this summer in Germany.

I accidentally rented another French film, King of Hearts. Not that I mind French cinema, but I was really looking for a light-hearted British comedy, rather than the heart-felt dripping-with-feeling movie I got. That's all right though. It was about a WWI Scottish soldier who is sent to defuse a bomb in Northern France. Running from the Germans, he holes himself up in the insanse asylum, and the residents there crown him "king." With the rest of the town evacuated, they escape from the asylum.

Anyway, if anyone wants to be Netflix buddies, let me know. It'll be fun, I promise. And I usually don't rent drippy French films. Well, sometimes I do...


Wendy said...

You can be buddies with someone on Netflix? That so cool! We don't have Netflix anymore, sadly. If we did, we could totally be buddies. How about you just give me all your movie recommendations and then you roll your eyes at me because I think "Mean Girls" is funny?