Thursday, January 19, 2006

"W" is upset because she says I put her in an awkward situation. This is the situation:
1) She got pregnant.
2) I said I would throw a baby shower.
3) Her friend from church also threw her a baby shower. "W" did not invite us to the other baby shower.
4) I chose a date for our baby shower.
5) All of our friends bickered senselessly about the date for our baby shower, and sugested we have a "lunch" instead.
6) I planned a date for the "lunch."
7) Our friends decided that they didn't want to have ANY baby-related get-together, and instead would prefer to attend the other baby shower, essentially inviting themselves to a baby shower thrown by a complete stranger.
8) "W" is blaming me, and sent me a snippy email.
I see it this way: I went out of my way, and was willing to donate my time and my money. Our friends are crappy and refuse to commit to any kind of social engagement. So screw them. I'm done. I don't need any more shizzy friends.

It's funny how, almost ten years after high school, my friends from high school are still acting like... high school. I'm sure we are all mature adults in our real lives, but whenever we interact, all of those painful high school feelings come running back, as well as our archetypal high school roles. And in all reality, I have zero connection with these people.

Also, it frustrates me when people act all rude and condescending just because they are married and/or have children. And they often act like the lives of their single friends should revolve around their blissful married lives, you know, because they're married and that makes them so much more important.


lovetovent said...

At least you know who your "Real" friends are.

eyeovthestorm said...

Maybe when all is calm they will all come to their senses and realize who was really being a friend and apologize! Until they learn the true meaning of 'friendship' you will always be viewed as selfish. Remember, some people are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Don't dwell on it, just value what you've shared and move on.