Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The UNLV newspaper posted a picture of my boss and I from the Wellness Roadshow last week. It was all fun and games, except they printed an incorrect caption under the picture.
Since they pictured the table, you can plainly see that there are NO condoms on the table... just a ton of brouchures, some candy, and my powerbook. Nope, no condoms in sight.

That's just sloppy journalism. It's like posting a picture of a dude and his kids with the caption, "Are there child molestors loose in your area?"


Colby said...

you used to could get condoms at the bookstore at south plains college bookstore. came with the textbook welcome package, with the sample deoderant, cheap cologne body spray type stuff and the coupons you throw away almost before you're out the door. but then in lubbock at texas tech, 3/4ths or 2/3rds of the students have at least one std. what's wrong with people? i think it's all the frats. hey this got to be a long post. love you!

minda said...

hey! that was minda, not colby.