Tuesday, November 15, 2005

To do:
1) Compile materials for Regents' Scholar nomination.
* revise Dr. K's letter of recommendation
* email Kim my curriculum vitae
* solicit additional letters of recommendation (Jake Miskimins? Jane? Alex?)
* write personal statements
2) Work on Literacy Assessment Portfolio
3) Create Powerpoint presentation for Section Five of CPE training
* slap on key points of Section Two to the Section Three presentation
4) Make reservations for Laughlin Golden Nugget
5) Complete Literacy Field Assessment
6) Create EPY 709 Exam
7) Buy Scrubs Season Two (this one is personal)
8) Return phone call from Michael S. Moore
9) Update portfolio, resume, and curriculum vitae for BYU Alumni website
10) Decide whether or not to go to St. George this Saturday

Sounds like fun, eh?