Sunday, November 27, 2005

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am posting one of my favorite mission pictures of Sister H. and her... dinner? Eek. (This one's for you, N.- I told you this was for real!)

Another To-Do List!
1. Practicum Portfolio (Tues. 8:00am)
2. create exam for EPY 709 (Mon. ASAP)
3. copies for Literacy Portfolio (Tues. 7:00pm)
4. figure out what's due in Dr. K's class
5. Orff Exam (Thursday, 4:00pm)
6. Return junk at Target


minda said...

that's a cute little bunny.

DrummerGirl said...

It was until SHE ATE IT! ew.

also, Minda: when is the baby coming???????????