Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well, it looks like my number #1 buddy, DaveyDaverson is getting married. Today he told me he just got engaged, and they will be getting married on December 31 in Salt Lake City. He's only been home from his mission for a few months. Way to go, Dave.

In other news, it's been a full weekend for Heather.
* worked from 8-5. Had a successful meeting with the ADAPT committee where people actually opened their wallets and gave me cash.
* met a fellow Utah-expatriate at the ADAPT meeting who likes the same music as me, is a good musician, has his own equipment, AND is looking for a drummer to start a band.
* spoke on the phone with Brian from 5:00-6:30
* had girls' night with Kate. We visited the temple, which was good because the temple will be closed starting today until January. We also had dinner and did other stuff.

* gym
* movie and shopping w/ Ruth
* dinner with "P"
* went to Bryce's play with Colleen.
* hung out with Colleen until after midnight
* more gym


Anonymous said...

two gyms? you're my new role model. -minda