Monday, April 18, 2011

First Thanksgiving at My House

Okay, so I realize that Thanksgiving was almost six months ago. But life happens. Anyway, my family celebrated Thanksgiving at MY house for the very first time. This was exciting and frenzied, especially considering that my refrigerator was delivered just a couple of days before the relatives showed up. Also, I had just moved in a week or so before the big day, so I wasn't really unpacked. Oh, and did I mention that I spent the day before Thanksgiving in a very-un-Heather-like WalMart shopping spree picking up kitchen necessities that I've been lacking (ie: a spatula, casserole dish, and tin foil).

It was super fun to have my mom, grandparents, and Aunt Jane/Uncle Bill/Finn over to cook and celebrate. We made ice cream, played board games, and overate.  And yes, that is a card table covered with a cheap table cloth. So what if I only had seating for four? That wasn't ghetto at all, right?

Anyway, hopefully next year at Thanksgiving time, my home will feel more like a home rather than an unpacked dorm room.

Also, perhaps I should be in the market for a larger dining room table...


Aaron and Emily said...

It's okay. Sometimes our home still feels like an unpacked dorm room. It's called being house poor! And things end accumulating so fast... this is when the next few Christmases and birthdays consist of kitchen appliances and furniture!