Friday, June 20, 2008

I don't know why, but I freaking love these commercials.

"They say a man should always dress for the job he wants.
Then why am I dressed like a pirate in this restaurant?
It's all because some hacker stole my identity,
Now I'm in here every evening serving chowder and iced tea."

I keep looking at my checking account and credit card statements. Part of me impishly hopes that some wacky identity thieves spent all my money and racked up this astronomical debt. Also, I keep getting these letters telling me that my student loans are about to go into repayment. Could it be that an identity thief funded an expensive graduate degree using my identity to take out massive student loans?

Sadly, no. It was me. =(

But really, as far as student loans go, it's not that bad.  Can you really put a price on education?

I was all excited about these commercials, hoping this trio was a real band- a quirky fun band reminscent of Chris & Tad, writing  spunky jingles and wearing cardigan sweaters. But no, it's all lies, lies, lies. Read about it here

Apparently, the lead "singer," Eric Violette, is a French actor. According to this demo real, he is also an astronaut, horrible coffee house singer, interpretive-dancer, super violent Chuck Norris fan, and above all, a mediocre lip-syncer. 
Sigh. You think you know someone...


Briana Elaine said...

wow i wish i knew french...but not really ha ha
p.s. i wrote on my blog so you can read it and add me to the list of peeps you know :)

Wendy said...

I love those commercials too. So dang catchy, they are. But the audio is off in the one where they are riding in the car and it drives me CRAZY.

Nathan said...

I can put a price on education, but then I did go to Western HS. For what its worth I've always thought about stealing your identity.

Amanda XOX said...

I turned out okay with my WHS education! Well, that's debatable according to dear hubby =o) He's from the league of magnet school graduates and holds his nose a bit higher in my opinion, but guess who has the college degree??????
Heather, don't you have a Master's degree already to boost you on the teaching pay scale??

Laurel said...

Heather - I'm so glad to see what you're up to - aren't blogs great? You are just as witty and fun as ever :-). Keep in touch and come visit next time you're in Utah.

DrummerGirl said...

Yah, I have a M.Ed., but the pay boost isn't enough to keep me in the style of living in which I've become accustomed... or would like to be accustomed with... =)