Saturday, February 25, 2006

I saw this film today. Thanks, Netflix.

Why did I order it? Because one of the people I respect and admire most in the world, Tim Irwin, a BYU professor who made a huge and lasting impact on the way I see the world, worked on this film. In fact, he was working on it at the same time that he was teaching our documentary production class. He would come to class all drained and tired, telling us bits and pieces about working on this "gnarly" film.

This film is about a woman, Celesta Davis, who, with a camera crew, confronted the man who molested her as a child. In the actual film, Celesta comes across as a major attention-seeker, and her intentions for making the movie are unclear. After listening to the directors' commentary, however, it is clear that her primary intention was to find peace for herself; she was seeking closure to a painful childhood.

What kills me is that her parents knew that this man was molesting their children... and didn't do anything about it. He was a longtime friend of Celesta's parents. The film implied that their families were in the same ward, and the parents had gone to college together.


LifeOnaPlate said...

nice, you totally snagged my old design HAA

DrummerGirl said...

I really thought that was the best design, but I didn't want to copy-cat you... So I feel that an appropriate amount of time has passed so I don't feel tacky.