Monday, September 12, 2005

Volume One:

Things that used to drive me nuts that I've now learned to smile at:
#1. ...when people take up more than one parking space in an already full parking lot.
#2. ...when not-so-attractive men demand physical perfection from women and insist on only dating women who look like supermodels. You know who you are. And you live in Las Vegas.
#3. ...when those same men complain about women being shallow.
#4. ...or when those same men complain about not being able to find cool women.
#5. ...when the CCSD sub services website is down for days at a time, but then they complain they cannot find substitutes.
#6. Freedom fries, etc.
#7. ...when the BYU Alumni Association calls for donations. I only graduated a year ago! That's just obnoxious.
#8. ... when people who are 19-20 years old and have been married for six weeks pat you on the arm and say things like, "it's okay, I know people even older than you who are single."


Amie said...

about #2, I only excuse shallow men when they're either gay or Christian Bale. Either way, they are allowed to be picky.

and those girls in #8, the guys they married had rings in their pockets way long before they met them...they just happened to be the first of the many to say yes....true love knows no age...besides being older allows you more years to be choosy.