Friday, September 09, 2005

I had to keep a blog for one of my classes over the summer. So now that's a thing of the past, and this seems to be the cool new blog site, with less pop-ups and advertisements.

This 40-something guy driving a powder blue convertible (new) VW Bug was next to me in freeway traffic this morning. He had his arm out the window, and I could see that he was wearing a wedding ring (I say this so as not to sound like an adulterer). I was going to roll down my window to tell him I liked his car, that I was thinking of getting one myself, but then decided not to do that. He probably wouldn't like a 20-something girl lusting after his chick-car. I wasn't hitting on him, just trying to share the car-love.


minda said...

it probably would have made his day, you shouldn't have held back!