Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chris named his baby Sebastian.

I had dinner tonight with some mission peeps. It was nice to enjoy their company. They also let me borrow a CD of over 800 mission pictures, which brought back all kinds of memories. Apparently our fellow Illinois Mission alumni, Elder D., who is currently serving right here in Vegas, is going home this week, and Zach (not the forementioned drunk Zack) got permission from his mission president for us to visit him. Zach invited me, but I may or may not go. I don't want to be late for my 7pm class, and I'm really not that anxious to see Elder D. Not in a mean way, but I just don't want to be weird. Keeping on a mission theme, Sister F. called all the way from London! She is so rad.

There are a number of mission-era pictures I could post featuring myself and others looking unattractive, sweaty, and frumpily dressed. However, for some reason, blogspot is not allowing me post a picture on this entry. I'm not sure why.