Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Amie and Corbin didn't get hurricaned this morning. That's always good news. But Corbin still had bedhead (pictured above). And Amie is still due to have the new baby any day.

Bethany, thank you for calling today, even if you were on a loud ferry ride... maybe especially because you were on a loud ferry ride. That's just our style. It was great to talk with you. I loved you since the first day I met you, when Hunsaker and I were sitting outside the temple and you were wearing that U2 shirt. Remember when Michael & Michael rocked Fargo? It all started with a dream... "We can be together forever someday." Hey, remember when we found all those weird CDs at Family D' in Keokuk? And when you & Wilson bought roller skates?

In other new, I got kicked out of a religion class I was taking at the LDS Institute. I missed one class, and I was also tardy once. Because there's a shortage of parking at the institute building, the instructor dropped me from the class. I understand the dire dog-eat-dog parking situation, but I was an active, participating member of the class... and I didn't even park there. I felt like using a Utah-style expletive.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if they just ran out of parking spots in heaven?