Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let the purging begin!

As I'm closing one chapter of my career and preparing to begin a new chapter, I felt a little purging was in order. Nevermind that I have 13 giant Rubbermaid containers full of teacher junk. Nevermind that I own enough children's books to start a smalltown library (thanks to Scholastic, eBay, and Goodwill). Since purging junk and books takes a degree of organization that I can't muster at midnight, I decided to start small... just a little facebook purging.
It's not like I'm super snotty about facebook; I am "friends" with enough childhood friends and former coworkers to start a marching band. However, there are just some people that I don't care to be in contact with anymore. These are former coworkers that generally spread drama wherever they went and created a toxic work environment... for fun and sport. I just don't want these negative influences in my life anymore. So I blocked them.

...and I feel better already!

Note to self: #1 Task for tomorrow: tackle the 13 giant Rubbermaid containers.


Wendy said...

Ah, facebook purging. It's so cathartic, isn't it?

Good luck with those Rubbermaids. If I was still in Vegas I would come help you- apparently sorting random stuff is a strong suit of mine.

kristen said...

I've deleted HS "friends" before (people I never spoke with in HS but that insisted on inviting me to be facebook friends) that just keep asking for requests after having been deleted. Several people have asked a second and third time. These people aren't socially inept; I think they are just in competition for having the most friends. Usually if they've asked a 3rd time, I'll just let them on for good. They've worked hard enough at that point.

kristen said...

P.S. Wendy keeps on confusing me with her talk of being in Vegas, not being in Vegas...where is she?!