Sunday, June 07, 2009

And then I realized... (Episode 2)

... that a job is just a job. My problem was that I put too much of my heart and soul (and money) into a job where I wasn't appreciated. I am really hurt because I gave that place 100% of myself for the last two years, and now that I'm leaving, I feel like Toby, from "The Office."

Heather = Toby.
Here are some of the things I "choose to be":

  • I choose to frame my instruction from state and district standards, use district-adopted textbooks and programs, and use assessment to drive my instruction.
  • I choose to use school funds wisely and honestly in a manner that benefits students.
  • I choose to give all students the instruction that they need. Differentiation is NOT discrimination.
At least Toby got a party and a Michael Scott parody song when he left. All I got was some nasty emails.


Wendy said...

Hopefully your new school will be more ethically upright so you won't have to feel like Toby. But in the meantime, you can sleep well at night knowing that you weren't party to the shady things that went on and that you really were looking out for the students' interests, even if it earned you the ire of others. here's to hoping next year is leagues better!

Amanda XOX said...

Oh my! I've got to catch up. Do you know where you're going next year?

VirtualM said...

You should move to Atlanta and work at our charter school, when it opens in August 2010. It's the six students-one teacher model and the man who is going to be the principal believes in a teacher-run democracy in the school. The local school board is on board, now we just have to convince the state board of education that it will work. Sorry to hear about all of your troubles; I hope that things improve and that you get what you want at your next job.