Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not that I'm counting, but this...

is starting to feel an awfully lot like this:

I have a relatively large class, especially for third grade. I'm currently at 29 students (and counting!), and I have nearly 40 students in my reading intervention group. Did I mention yet that I only have 32 desks? We are seriously running out of my room, and thanks to the district hiring freeze, we have no hope of getting any more teachers (we have four teachers doing the work of six teachers). Somehow I lucked out and actually have a REAL classroom in the actual school building; the other third grade teachers are teaching in tiny portable trailers where there used to be basketball courts.

I am really dumbfounded. What happened to CLASS SIZE REDUCTION? According to one of my favorite pieces of Nevada Legislation, third grade is supposed to be capped at 21 students. The only loophole exists in a team teaching situation, where two teachers share a maximum of 38 students. This is not the situation in my school. 

I am honestly trying to remember how many kids were in my class back when I was a third grader, and I cannot remember. So, just for perspective, how many kids were in your classes when you were in elementary school?  


Amanda XOX said...

my third grade class way back in the day- 20 something kiddos.

Wow that's a lot of students this year! Any parent volunteers??

Shanny said...

Well, I grew up in Utah, so all of my elementary school classes had at least 30 kids in them. But I would expect better out of. . . well, just about every other state.

Kristine Stewart said...

I remember, in California the max was 30. If there were 30 students, it was a HUGE class.

We had parent teachers to help out and some team teachers, too. I dunno.