Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't Cry For Me, John Krasinksi

Despite my love for The Office, I'm not afraid to say that License to Wed royally sucked. I'm not even all the way through the movie, and I'm thinking about just popping it out of the DVD player and sticking it back in it's little red envelope so it can begin its journey back to the Netflix warehouse.

Pretty much, John (or "Jim" as I prefer to call him) gets into awkward situation after awkward situation, to which he consistently responds by making his trademark "Jim" face... a shrug, raised eyebrows, etc...

At less than an hour into the movie, it is very clear that our friend Jim is about to get trapped into a marriage with a controlling shrew purely because he finds her HOT. Uh oh! Lesson learned.

Also, those mechanical babies were super creepy. We had those in Anatomy class in high school, and they weren't nearly as horrifying. That "mini me" version of Robin Williams was also super creepy. I wanted to call CPS on that kid's parents for allowing him to be in this movie. The ending- don't worry, I won't ruin it- was possibly the tackiest and worst movie ending I've ever seen. And that's bad.

No amount of cameos from the cast of The Office could cure this horrid movie.

One last thing. I think I'm entirely cured of my crush on Jim. Perhaps it was just his shaggy haircut that I've loved all this time. It's interesting to note that Ellen Degeneres also has this same haircut. My hypothesis is that this particular haircut is a magnet for women. After all, Ellen is dating Portia De Rossi.

Oh Jim, if you're reading this: the side part is just not a good look for you. It is unnatural for a man at that age to have the same haircut as a 19-year-old Mormon missionary.


Wendy said...

NOOOO!! You can't be over Jim. He's so LOVABLE. This is the bad side of the writers strike. It carries on so long we begin to forget what we loved about TV, namely Jim Halpert. BAH!