Saturday, December 17, 2005

So Drew's song is, like, totally my favorite song right now. Sooooo applicable. Thanks, Drew, for writing such a great song.

Dang it Bethany... and Wilson... you guys were right. Too bad it's taken nearly three years for me to figure it out.

Anyway, you can listen to Drew's song at:

It's called "I'll only believe in true love if Micah marries Camille." The lyrics are below.

who's the girl with the bright eyes who's the boy she's sitting by are they just friends
why is she so nice to me why does she light up the room when she smiles till i can't see clearly it must be
love if you mean so much when i barely even know you but i hope that our hands might touch

fight it deny it
i'll fight it deny it i won't let myself fall in love

you see there's no point in trying i'm only fooling with myself i'm not your type
but ill appreciate and stare at those gorgeous eyes i could fall into and when im through i'll walk away but remember you

give the girl you love the time of day
but dont jump right in and give your heart away

fight it deny it
just fight it deny it don't let yourself fall in love