Saturday, December 10, 2005

I love "The Office."

Thanksgiving offered a welcome break from scholastic responsibilities. YAY. Finals will be pretty much over Wednesday night. And then ONE WHOLE MONTH of relaxation.

There is so much news. Minda had her baby- a beautiful 7 lb. boy named Jaxon... BEAUTIFUL baby. W.H.S. is having a baby and we're trying to throw her a baby shower. Oh, and Nolan got into town yesterday. We had lunch at the new Omelet House (where Carrow's used to be across the street from UNLV), and then we visited Mr. Lawson at his new middle school. The hall monitor made us sign in and sit in the principal's office until school was over. We felt really ridiculous, like we had just gotten in trouble from Mr. Belding or something. It was funny.

As always, Mr. Lawson was very inspirational. One of the things I liked most about him was that he makes you feel like you can do anything you want, and achieve whatever goals you may have. As we talked with him, I remembered how it felt to be 16 years old and honestly believing that someday I would make some kind of positive contribution to the world. As I look at fellow Las Vegas Academy alumni, and see teachers, scientists, writers, publishers, designers, compositionists, musicians, graduate students, stage hands, etc... I really am proud of my friends and of myself. I honestly believe that teachers like Mr. Lawson, who have the power to spark inspiration, are largely responsible for this.

I remember junior year, in Mr. Lawson's Music Technology class, he had us design and build a recording studio in Frasier Hall.