Thursday, May 31, 2012

aaaand I'm back!

I officially win the award for world's most sporadic blogger. Maybe I'm being a little egotistical, awarding myself with international superlatives. In any case, it has been so long since I've blogged that the blogger publishing format has changed. So, um, that's exciting.

I just wonder what to even write about or what direction I should take the blog. So here's a list of potential topics and the reasons why I feel like I can't really write about them.

1.) TMI (too much information) Blog- No one wants to hear what I do every day. Let's be honest. Did you really want to know that I left the house at 6:45am, worked for 14 hours, and then collapsed on the couch, only getting up long enough to eat leftover pizza? I didn't think so.

2.) Cute Craft Blog- I wish I had the time and creative energy to do this. I really do. I keep telling myself that this will happen someday. I even unearthed my parents' sewing machine and spent a small fortune at JoAnns/Michaels. Maybe in a perfect world.

3.) Semi-Informed Political Rant- enough said.

Um, until then, here's an adorable photo of my dog. That's right, I will distract you from lack of content with an irresistible photo of a dog doing something that humans do.