Saturday, October 02, 2010

Hot for Teacher?

Back in graduate school, when professors asked what kind of teacher I wanted to be, I never thought I'd be on stage in front of hundreds of elementary school aged kids playing a parody version of a Queen song. I'm proud to be the kind of teacher that is willing to make a fool of myself for the sake of getting kids excited about reading. I'm also very proud of my excellent colleagues (Pam, Laura, and Emily) who endured (enjoyed?) hours of band practice, even after 8+ grueling hours of teaching in hot steamy classrooms with no air conditioning.

PS: Our kid-friendly band name is "The Rock-Its." We chose it because our school mascot is an astronaut.
PPS: We're still seeking ideas for a real name for our band, you know, for when we make it big (ie: play a poorly attended gig in the burbs). I suggested "Hot for Teacher," but that was quickly shot down. lol.  Any band name ideas are welcome!


Jake and Danica said...

so this will be weird, but i was just googling my husband's name to aid in the procrastination of my homework and i showed him your picture, anyway my husband is Jacob Contor. :) We're in hawaii, if you want to see, our blog is

Wendy said...

I like Hot for Teacher. I vote for that.

"Miss Kris" said...

I can't think of any name because 'Hot For Teacher' is the IT! I don't know why you would even consider anything else. Okay... Okay, here are my ideas:

In Charge
Zack Attack
Grade A Meat
Teacher's Pet