Friday, July 16, 2010

Summertime Blues

This is the first summer since I started teaching that I haven't been able to leave town. Not even once. A nice opportunity came up to meet up with Steve on his family vacation with his parents and brother's family. His brother's family is driving through Vegas on their way to Zion, and I could have caught a ride up there with them. However, between paying for two nights of hotel near Zion National Park on a holiday weekend, plus a pricey flight home from Salt Lake City, it is just completely out the realm of affordability right now. It isn't like $300 is that much money, but to me, that's a credit card payment/2 months of student loan payments/half a mortgage payment.

Boohoo, right? I'm really frustrated because I work so hard all year, I'm financially supporting my mom, and I deserve just a few days to relax on vacation. During the school year, it is impossible to take time off (I don't get any personal days). Here I have eight weeks of vacation, and I'm stuck at home in a house where my mom watches Korean drama DVDs 16+hours a day while chainsmoking.

I seriously can't take this anymore. I need to get out of town. I need to be able to spend some time/money on myself for once.


Wendy said...

Uh, yes. You need a break.