Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reckless Abandon

... and it is with this reckless abandon that I am splurging on a week-long vacation/road trip through Utah with Steve's family. I realize that Zion is a National Park, but holy cow, hotels there are expensive! Almost as much as in San Diego or Chicago or other expensive hotel cities. I got my flight at twice the normal cost, and I could only find a room for one of the two nights at Zion; everything was sold out! I couldn't figure out why until I realized that it is a HOLIDAY WEEKEND (in Utah).

That's right friends, Utah is celebrating Pioneer Day. Of course I'm grateful for our Pioneer ancestors and their brave and gallant trek across the country... I just wish that it wasn't so expensive to travel to Utah during this state-specific holiday.

Luckily this out-of-town excursion coincides perfectly with my realtor's vacation, so it won't impair my house-buying abilities at all. Staying in town due to real estate emergencies has been trying.


Aaron and Emily said...

Hey, we all deserve a vacation - especially with loved ones. Bonding time is important!

You thought about camping?... Also, I stayed in Brianshead last year. It's an hour from Zion's... they have lots of cabins. Maybe if you look on VRBO, someone will have some last minute vacation rental they will do cheaper. Or Craigslist, sometimes.

Wendy said...

We've stayed at a b&b in Zion called the Red Rock Inn- it wasn't too pricey, but come to think of it, we always went in the winter and got off-season rates, so that suggestion may be totally irrelevant. Hope you find something good. HAVE FUN!!