Monday, November 09, 2009


Was I foolish to think that I could spend 7+ hours each day in a cinderblock cell with 30 germ infested children and emerge victorious (ie: illness free)? Probably. However, I managed to survive the first TWELVE weeks of school without getting sick. That's one-third of the school year, folks.

Unfortunately, I have succumbed to illness. Steve thinks it might be strep throat.

Oh well. It was good while it lasted! Congrats to me and my immune system!
(...and booooo to whichever of my students is spreading death germs in my classroom.)


Wendy said...

Didn't you take your Airborne? (completely kidding. I'm pretty sure that stuff will kill you.) That's very impressive that you made it twelve entire weeks without getting sick! I envy your immunity. I guess being around germy, snotty-nosed kids all day for years will do that for you. Hope you get better soon!

Emily B said...

At least it's not swine flu.

Amanda XOX said...

So I think classrooms should have automatic hand sanitizer dispensers like at the buffets or classrooms in Utah! Wouldn't that be cool? So glad you don't have swine flu either!