Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our first hate mail!

Today is a milestone because Girls Rock Vegas has just gotten our very first hate mail! I've taken the liberty of highlighting the mistakes in red and making a few corrections, just like I would do for my students.

you go to the bar and you have Lady's night(.) of course you drink free, an next stop is one of the many Lady's only work out areas, and then off to the "friend of the court(--) a place that takes all the husband(')s monie, and now a place for Lady's to play instruments together so they fell empowered.
My daughter plays
guitar(.) she think people like you make woman look weak and I agrey(.)
Everyone has
issues(.) get over it(.)
And I love woman(.) have  a wife an 3 daughters(.) thay are all just fine so please dont tell me I have a chip on my sholder.

No dude, I wouldn't worry about having a chip on your shoulder. I would, however, worry about your lack of writing skills. Seriously, I teach third grade and my students hand in better work than this. 

I think people who write nasty hater emails at 7am with multiple spelling and grammatical errors look weak.


Wendy said...

Well, c'mon he does" love woman". Probably tells her that as he drags her back to his cave by her hair.

DrummerGirl said...


cropstar said...

you know you're legit when you get hate mail. congrats!