Wednesday, October 08, 2008

To my friends with school-age children, fellow teachers, and people who enjoy a custom word search,

Spelling tests made fun!
This is the most amazing site in the whole world. Really. I will never have to give (or grade) another spelling test as long as I live! Not only does it have a dozen custom spelling games, but it gives an individualized test for each kid, reads each word AND uses it in a sentence! And it reads it in a HUMAN voice, not a creepy computer voice. Kids can take the test at their own pace with less testing anxiety. When the kids are done with the test, they print out a certificate with their score and which words they missed! This is truly amazing, people.

... and it's free!!!


Wendy said...

That is so COOL!

Emily B said...

Where does your friend with the twins live? If she lives in the SW by Mountain's Edge, she would love Rebecca's dance class. It's way out here though if you don't live close. I'm sure she could find a great place close to wherever she lives. Send me an email if she needs more info.

Damien said...

I can't spell so I might find that site a bit degrading.

Three Crazy Collins said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thanks for sharing this...we are totally doing this during computers tomorrow!!!