Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some unnamed family members visited Vegas this weekend. They were staying with my grandparents. They didn't inform my mom and I that they were coming, well, until they got here. I was at a work-related conference, and certain family members threw a great big noisy fuss until I left the conference early... something about my "priorities" being out of whack.

So we went over to my grandparents' house to visit with them, and this was the conversation:

Hey, can you come with us to the Shark Reef and buy us the locals-reduced-price tickets?

Sure! I have nothing else going on today because I'm single and have no children and no spouse! I'm soooo excited to totally cancel all of my weekend plans at the last minute for you!!!

(whispering to each other right in front of me)
uh oh. There's no room for her in the car, between the car seat and all of our kid's slobbery, crumb-covered toys that he can't travel without for three blocks because we've completely spoiled him.

You know what? I've actually had a drivers' license for over ten years now! I can drive my own car and meet you there.

Um, well, actually, we don't want to go through the trouble of actually meeting you at Mandalay Bay. It's a big place, after all. It might take us a long time to find each other.
(This portion of the conversation was actually quoted as said. For crying out loud, it's not like I offered to meet them in the middle of the Oregon Trail. Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef has a ticket counter. It's a central easy-to-find location.)

Later that same day...
Do you want to come to dinner with us?

Sure. Where should I meet you?

It's going to be all the way over on this side of town. It will cost you a lot of gas to get all the way over on this side of town.
("this side of town" is actually the SAME side of town where I live.)

Okay. Where should I meet you?

Well, actually, dinner should probably just be a family-only thing. So never mind.
(this is what they ACTUALLY SAID)


I plead with you, family-minded blog community, to please be sensitive to the needs of your single friends. And I don't mean be "sensitive" by feeling sorry for us. Please remember that we have schedules, commitments, and feelings, too. Being single just means that we have managed to avoid walking down the aisle and procreating. We don't need your pity. It is quite possible for us (and by "us" I mean "me") to lead full and meaningful lives. Don't you worry.


Wendy said...

What? You mean that you can have a life without a husband? and a CHILD? Surely you jest.

What jerks those family members are. You should've told them you know a really great restaurant and then sent them to somewhere where the food is practically inedible, like Red Apple Grill.

sara said...

oh dear, i think you are right- i hope you went to mandalay bay and a nice restaurant without them! :) and guess what? i drew your name and you are a winner! so send me your address and i will send you a prize! yay!

Amanda XOX said...

Wow! You've got some crazy family. You think they read your blog??

Ra-call-dee... said...

Hey Ramps, sorry about the insensitive comments! That bites, especially since it was family! Some of my family members have absolutely no tact whatsoever. But I hope you are having fun in Miami! If you want to give us a call, my # is 801-362-3740! I am not sure how to get a hold of you, except for your blog!