Saturday, March 29, 2008

I know you all have adorable photos of your adorable families celebrating holidays. Well, I don't have that, but here is how we celebrated Easter.
Love, Heather

Cocoa is all dressed up for Easter!

Mom and Steve toil over a hot stove.

Apparently, Ty is very super excited for Easter dinner.

Aww, aren't we cute? Look at Cocoa smiling!


Wendy said...

It is still wrong to do that to your dog. Ty looks a little TOO excited for Easter dinner... have you been depriving him of food? And I offically cannot wait any longer to meet The Man. Let's set up a dinner or something.

Kascia and Travis Lybbert said...

Hey Rampton!! This is Kascia Lybbert (Sis. Weeks from the Nauvoo Mish! If you remember me!) I've been meaning to post a comment to you forever. I check your blog once in awhile to see what's going on with you! And I just haven't said hey! Mostly I'm a little nervous you may not remember who I am. Anyway, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I think your blog has got to be my favorite. You're hilarious and you have so many funny comments and u-tubes and all that sort of stuff. It's so fun! I love it. I loved the u-tube class reunion you have. That is so funny. And I grew up in Henderson through some of my elementary years and we used to go to Valley of Fire all the time! I have wonderful memories of that place. So it was great to see pics of you there. Anyway, it looks like you're doing well. I'm living in Texas where my husband is a horse trainer and I have a six month old little red-headed baby boy! CRAZY!! Are you going to go to the Nauvoo reunion this Friday? I may make it. I'm traveling to Elko, Nevada where I'm from to visit and maybe I'll stop in to say hi in SLC. I'll see. Anyway, keep POSTING. You're great!