Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Is it too much to ask???

Dear female coworkers,
Since we all spend between 8-12 hours a day at work, it is inevitable that we will all have to use the restroom at least once a day. Now, I understand that there are a lot of us gals at work; we outnumber our male coworkers at a ratio of at least ten to one. Also, I'm not saying its fair that over fifty of us ladies share only two bathroom stalls. It is never fun to spend your entire twenty minute lunch break waiting in line for the restroom (while simultaneously microwaving/eating lunch, photocopying, monitoring detention students, etc...).

I know that our bathroom situation is far less than ideal. However, there are a few simple rules that can make sharing two stalls with fifty women somewhat tolerable:
1.) CLEAN UP after yourself! When I use the restroom, I should not find pubic hairs or sprays of urine on the seat.
2.) The bathroom stall should never look like someone just had an abortion in there. I understand that we all endure that special time of the month and perhaps accidents happen, but CLEAN IT UP, PEOPLE!!!
3.) I know it is too much to ask CCSD to actually have functional toilet paper dispensers in faculty restrooms. I get it. I know it is not ideal to have multiple rolls of toilet paper precariously perched along the handicapped arm rail. However, try (just TRY!) to not dunk an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet bowl. No one wants to fish that out. And once it happens, that stall is unusable for the whole day, which effectively reduces our restroom capacity by 50%.

I don't think this is asking too much. Can we please learn to share our space in a way that is respectful to everyone? Thanks, and as always, I love you.

Heather Bay


Aaron and Emily said...

Your bathroom situation is worse than camping. At least in the woods, I can go wherever I want, as long as no one's lookin' ...

"Miss Kris" said...

It sounds like you use a restroom that is found in the middle of Nevada and California that only gets cleaned once a season. Gross. Um... that's so gross.

Wendy said...

Wow. That's awful. Really, really awful. I always hate when I go into a public restroom and the roll of toilet paper looks suspiciously as if it was once wet and is now dry. Scratch that. Let's just end the sentence with "I always hate when I go into a public restroom".

Briana Elaine said...

haha props to this list o' complaints--number one and number two (no pun intended haha) are always the issues i hate dealing with the mooooost!