Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ignorance is Bliss

Steve and I were in the market for a car stereo. After getting a nearly $800 quote from the car dealer and a $500 quote from Best Buy, we decided to go with a local car stereo shop which came recommended by both Steve's brother aaaaand the sales guy at the car dealer. The local shop was charging $120 total for the exact same stereo and install, plus they could install the next morning.

So we go to the local shop. Picture your average car stereo shop in a not-awesome part of town with a super courteous employee behind the counter. While browsing around and checking out various stereos, Steve pulls me aside and solemnly says, "I think you should know something. This store was the site of some really brutal homicides back in the 70's."


He goes on to tell me that the employees and customers were bound, tortured, and murdered. He started to go into details, but that's when I stopped him; however not before he told me about the murderers jamming pens into people's ears and stomping on them as a form of torture.

So now it's almost three in the morning and I can't stop thinking about. I already had one nightmare. I didn't want Steve to share any more of the details, and we agreed that next time we're hanging out at the site of a high-profile homicide, he should just say, "Honey, we're in a bad neighborhood," and leave it at that. I read about the "infamous criminal case" on wikipedia, and while I might vomit, I'm finding a strange sense of security knowing that it wasn't as bad as my wandering mind allowed it to become. I feel super creepy going there tomorrow morning to drop off the car. And I'm definitely not hanging out there for a couple hours waiting for the install. In my rational mind, I know that the murders happened almost forty years ago, but I feel sick just thinking about it.

Yah, I really could have been just fine not knowing any of that. Or this:


"Miss Kris" said...

Ah! Holy bolgna! It's like walking down this pretty pathway at BYU, realizing that that is where a lot of Ted Bundy's victim were captured, huh... Ah!
Okay, Okay, I'll stop. Gross. You'll be okay tomorrow morning. Good thing you're Indian--you know how to hold your own. ;)

Wendy said...

AND SO YOU LINKED TO IT?! I won't click the link. I won't click the link. I won't click the link.
(please help me not click the link.)

Just Us Three said...

So...why did you put the link on your blog then? If you didn't want to know about it, why are you sharing it?

Heather Bay said...

Because ignorance is bliss, but misery loves company! Plus, knowing I had to go back to that creepy place without really knowing what happened was driving me nuts!

Heather Bay said...

Also, I was hoping for a hypercritical blog comment.