Monday, June 07, 2010

End of an Era...

Don't get me wrong- I love my 2001 Toyota. I purchased it brand spanking new, and it has been a great car. It has survived countless trips to and from the Motherland, has facilitated moving in and out of several houses/apartments across two states, endured the abuse of hauling my drum set and other music gear, and even survived being rear-ended by a vanful of polygamists (true story). I drove this car to class while I earned a B.A. and a M.Ed. This car moved me into my first classroom, and moved me in and out of three different schools in five years. I discovered that my car has the capacity to fit myself and two passengers, as well as a full drum set, including all hardware and cymbals, a bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and amps. That's a lot for a compact sedan.

Sadly, I fear that our time together is coming to a close. A symphony of undesirable sounds is coming from under the hood and it sounds like a racecar (which it is not) when I exceed 45mph. My coworker has termed my car the "deathmobile." I just hope it can hang on for a few more years until I can afford to replace it with a hovercar. Those should roll off the assembly lines pretty soon, right?

At least the air-conditoning still works!


Cristy said...

Hahaha... the Motherland... Hope the car situation works out! I loved every old clunker I've ever owned!