Friday, April 30, 2010

Taking Care of Business

I am not a realtor. I am, however, a potential client. As a client, there are things that I would assume would be obvious to real estate professionals (or any professionals). However, this does not appear to be the case. After a week-long headache, I've compiled this list of things that I took for granted:

1) When a client explains to you that they can't make personal phone calls at work because they teach children (which, despite what you may think, is a full-time job), please respect that. You wouldn't want your child's teacher making personal phone calls during the school day, would you?

2) When the same client requests that you CC' their work email on important communication (because gmail is blocked on school district computers), cc' their work email. When the same client requests that you do it the second and third time, DO IT.

3) Do not constantly use "text-speak" in email (ie: r u 4geting sumthin?). This makes you sound very unprofessional.

4) Get a professional sounding email address, hopefully associated with the office where you work. Email addresses that involve words like "rainbow," "kitty," "unicorn," etc... make potential clients hesitate to take you seriously as a professional.

5) If you are planning on going on vacation and planning to pawn a client off on another realtor, YOU should be the one to tell the client this information. The client should not hear this information from a third-party.

6) If you want to get in touch with your client, call them. If you lost their number, either look it up or get it from the broker. Do not call a mutual friend and ask the mutual friend to call you client and have them call you.


Kristi H. said...

Oh heavens, I hope you got rid of that realtor! I have an awesome one if you need a referral!