Sunday, December 06, 2009

Holiday Shopping

I have a surprisingly small number of people to shop for this season. There's my mom, of course, and Steve. That's pretty much it. My mom and I are going in together on some kind of gift for my grandparents. And sure, I've got some random friends and coworkers to shop for, but that's pretty much it. Making a conscious effort to no longer communicate with selfish, hurtful relatives has not only been good for my self-esteem, but has also been friendly to my checking account. Since I won't be spending insanse amounts of money on people who love to chip away at my self-worth, what should I spend the extra money on?
A.) cruise or other such vacation
B.) downpayment on house
C.) credit cards and student loan reduction


KHodges said...

C, hands down

Amanda XOX said...

Well my first thought was house, but now I change my mind to credit cards. Enjoy all the extra moolah!