Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Planet Percussion!

This is a video by Howard Agster, uploaded by my brother Dale. This was shot at Planet Percussion, the store he and my father owned until my father passed away. They manufactured percussion mallets and accessories. Also, as evidenced in this video, all the cool kids hung out here to play tunes. 


KiFF said...

Ya know, it would so fun just to sit back, have fun and throw some improv with a bunch of friends. It's cute that your dad owned a place like that. Very appropriate. said...

Ma'am Your Dad was Awesome, I hung around Planet Percussion for 1 yr prior to his passing.
Mr Rampton gave me a letter of reccomendation and I Never thought he wouldn't be there.
Your brother Dale is an awesome Percussionist, Dale went to Bonanza & I went to Eldorado 1979
I miss your dad........
I visited his final resting place in Syracuse, UT Your Mom did him Proud.
Will Knouse

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday. It's techinically Monday, but I haven't gone to sleep yet, so as far as I'm concerned, it's still your birthday. I hope you had a fantastic one.