Friday, December 26, 2008

This one is my Dad playing vibes and percussion in the orchestra for a weekly syndicated radio show. Again, I'm guessing that this video is from 1992-1993. This video is courtesy of my brother, Dale
My Dad used to bring me to these rehearsals and recordings so I could see professional musicians play their instruments- he hoped it would help me select an instrument to play myself. My Dad was so supportive about anything I wanted to do or learn. In this particular video, my mom and I are standing outside the window watching him play. 


KiFF said...

That is super cute, Ramps, to see your dad doin' his thing. I've never seen him, so that was really cool to put a visual to the stories you told me. :)

kristen said...

I love this studio. Are you sneezing or laughing in the back?