Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Since I subscribed to Netflix, my DVD purchasing has substantially decreased. This was part of my secret plan to stop buying garbage. So it's been quite awhile since I've actually wanted to purchase a DVD... but lately I've been pining away for these beauties:
1) Juno

Every other line in this movie was hilariously quotable. Plus, the soundtrack was lovely.

2) Dan in Real Life

"You are a murderer of love!" This movie provided much fodder for inside jokes. The Dane Cook/Juliet Binoche pairing was odd, but I guess it was supposed to be unnatural and not mean-to-be. This was the first time I saw Steve Carrell in a feature-length film and I was surprised that he wasn't annoying and Jim-Carrey-ish.

3) BBC's Planet Earth

I just really really want to see this, and I get irritated with multi-disc rentals on Netflix because I get totally into something and then have to wait days and days to get the next disc. Plus, I think that installments of it might be nice to show in my classroom.


Wendy said...

"Juno" rocks. Watched "Dan in Real Life" last night- laughed a lot, especially at "You are a murderer of love!" And I saw the Discovery Channel's "Planet Earth" on TV. I don't know if it's different from the BBC one, but it was AMAZING. buy it.

Kevin and Emily said...

We rented "Juno" when we went to California, and Kevin actually liked it more than I did. Don't get me wrong, I really liked it, but he really, really liked it. I think he'll be mad at me if he knows I'm telling you this.

"Dan in Real Life" was awesome. Wasn't it funny to see Steve Carrell and Dane Cook, two comedians, in a drama! I was pleasantly surprised by how that turned out.

We bought "Planet Earth" for Kevin's dad, and he loves it.

I say buy all three.

Amanda XOX said...

I better get caught up in the movie watching world and see "Juno" now. You guys have convinced me. I'll let you know what I think, but since everyone seems to like it and everyone recommends it, I'm sure I will like it too!

Kevin and Emily said...

My teacher was Dave Sankuer. He actually got fired before the end of the year because he hit a kid in our class. I thought the kid deserved it. I really liked Mr. Sankuer. Did you have him as a teacher?

Claire lives in Washington, I think. She is a dentist, and her husband is a doctor. I haven't heard from Meighan since she had a baby two years ago. I also don't know what happened with Jo. Katie Fey is married to Eric M., and she actually keeps in touch with my friend Valerie because their husbands are friends. She has two kids.

I don't sub anymore because the experience I had with it was pretty bad. Plus, I wouldn't know what to do with my kids. I hope you can find someone.

I hope you are doing well. Sorry I always write you a novel when I comment.

VirtualM said...

I actually just hit up my local Target tonight and bought "Juno" and "There Will Be Blood." Both good, but so very, very different.
I also hate that about the multi-disc rentals! I was thinking that I need to rent "Flight of the Conchords" and I'm not looking forward to the waiting.

Kristen said...

Heather - I KNEW we were media friends! 66.666666% of the time at least...Juno was ok. I'm glad we saw it. Overrated imo, however. It also creeped me out that Blair kept on classifying the relationship between Juno and Jason Bateman as "father/daughter" (yes, even while they were dancing together) until he talks about getting an apt of his own. But that's another topic...

Dan in Real Life is my new favorite movie. Favorite for now at least. Such a perfect film. I will buy it eventually, and I usually never like a movie enough to buy it. I was super impressed.

We got Planet Earth for V-Day. We're both are huge fans of it.