Friday, February 15, 2008

So you know how you're supposed to be there 45 minutes early before a flight? Well, I was there 43 minutes early. And that JUST WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH, was it, Delta?

They would not let me on the flight. "Seriously?" Yes, seriously, because I was a whopping ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SECONDS late.

"Surely they must have been joking."
No, Delta does not joke. Not only would they not allow me on the flight, they refused to send my luggage on a later flight, they refused to book me on a later flight, they refused to book me on a flight the next day, and they refused to give me a credit. I wasn't even asking for a refund, just a credit. A credit to be used at a later date, for crying out loud!

What really ticked me off was the way the ticketing people snickered at me when they said I couldn't get on the flight. They were downright guffawing. It was just rude. And when I asked if I could get on the flight without my luggage, sending my luggage on a later flight, they accused me of being a terrorist. I could have been trying to make it home for a funeral, for all they knew. Who's the real terrorist here?

This is practically unheard of on Southwest. I've leisurely rolled up to the gate thirty minutes early. No luggage? No problem! If my luggage didn't make the flight, they'd deliver it later or let me pick it up myself. If I had to reschedule, no worries. My Southwest flights easily translate into credits.

Oh Delta, you and your expensive flights, your oily pleather headrests, snooty flight crews, and HOSTILE ground crew. Why do you have to be like this?

Apparently I'm not the only one boycotting Delta. A simple google search turned up this gem: Delta seems to enjoy performing uninvited credit checks and arbitrarily terror-rating it's customers. Not me, Delta, I've learned my lesson.

"Did I make it to my destination?" Why, thank you for asking. I ran through the airport like a crazy person (but not like a terrorist), and I called Southwest Airlines on my cellphone. Not only did they make me first on the standby list on their next flight out, they were incredibly nice and said they would "take care of me." Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, like a member of the mafia. Thank you Ingred, kind customer service employee from Southwest Air. Thank you!!!


Amanda XOX said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm surprised you didn't yell and scream and get security to throw you out of the airport! Way to keep your cool and horray for Southwest Airlines for taking such great care of their customers. I will for sure boycott Delta!

Wendy said...

oooh, Delta is EVIL. You should write a complaint letter to the company and demand a refund since they did not provide the paid-for service. And then demand like 800 million frequent flier miles since they're such jerks. Glad you made it to wherever you were going!

Briana Elaine said...

Love the vid...think Delta is snobby, too. Southwest rocks and Frontier Airlines hooked me up, in case you need a back-up airline. Plus, they have cute little animals that watch over the plane while it's flying :) Mine was a snowy owl, so I felt a ton better 'cause who knows better than a bird?!