Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last night I had the strangest dream...

I was working at some kind of summer camp, which was a hodgepodge of BYU Music Camp (where I spent 3 summers as a counselor), my current school of employment, and Hogwarts (I just got the first HP movie from Netflix- I'm not some kind of HP freak). At the beginning of the dream, I was lobbying for my boss (a knee-shorts wearing, whistle blowing female PE teacher type, to approve a scholarship to sponsor an underprivileged at-risk kid to come to camp. I'm such a good guy, right?

It turned out that the "kid" who ended up coming to camp on scholarship was none other than David Spade. That's right. 45-year-old, long-hair-that-was-in-style-10-years-ago, David Spade. This sounds like it could be an Adam Sandler movie, no?

For pretty much the rest of my dream, I was assigned to keep David Spade out of trouble. We referred to him as "David Spade," as in, "Gee golly, David Spade broke into the commons room after hours again!" or "Gosh David Spade, will you ever learn your lesson?"

Then, on my afternoon off from camp, after waking from a relaxing afternoon nap (interesting that I take naps in my dreams, huh?), I went to the counselors' garage to get my car. Yes, in my dreams, camp counselors have a small garage where we park the camp Hummer. Yes, camp counselors drive Hummers around camp, golf cart style. There I found David Spade, sitting in the Hummer, ignition on, garage door closed. David Spade was trying to commit suicide!!!

For the remainder of the dream, I kept rescuing David Spade from his many, many suicide attempts. It was very Better Off Dead-esque, in that there was one outlandish suicide attempt after another. Then, at the camp awards at the end of the week, David Spade won the award for "most suicide attempts." Sigh.

The End.